28 October 2013

Kermis and sunset view over Amsterdam

Amsterdam 26th October 2013

Now there's yet another reason to spend time in Kermis Amsterdam such a ride on the ferris wheel, smash way around the bumpers cars or wander through a spooky, haunted house during the Kermis in Amsterdam. 

Though I did not try them all but I always wanted to go to take a look around and get some shots.
Or enjoy much traditional Dutch snacks like "poffertjes" at this family event.

One of my favourite shots as I have always wanted to take photo from above of Amsterdam and amusement park ferris wheels just the right picked to do, as a bonus I can enjoy the view of the whole city meanwhile  the sun down.
It makes me happy just looking at them.


  1. Keren Keren ... wahana permainan nya mantap banget, bisa liat pemandangan kota dari ketinggian + lampu warna-warni nya bikin cantik :-)

    1. Indeed..aku jatuh hati juga sama gemerlapnya lampu warna warni nya..sekalian moto2 adalah bonus, thanks for dropping by :)